Originally published 1994 in Extreme Super TourBook

Stephen Platt

Stephen was born in Manchester, England on April 1st, 1970 and moved to Toronto, Canada permanently in 1978. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. Stephen found his early artistic influences in comic magazines such as Heavy Metal and Epic. Citing artists Gitano Libetore (Ranxerox), Mobius (The Incal), Enki Belial (The Hunting Party) and Phillipe Druillet as influences, along with Jeffery Jones, George Pérez and Frank Miller - who were the only western artists he was exposed to at the time.

During his high school career Stephen kept drawing and painting, constantly discovering new media. However, his childhood passion for comics subsided at this time. It wasn't until his third year in college that Stephen was re-introduced into comics where he saw the work of Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Geof Darrow, Whilce Portacio, Rob Liefeld, Simon Bisley, and Dale Keown for the first time. Stephen then set out on his road to the pros, being inspired by the new echelon of talent at Marvel and DC.

While still completing his college assignments he was getting sample pages together. Stephen broke into the business while embarking on a school trip to New York City. Fate intervened when Stephen met a Marvel employee in a bank. Less than a week after that fateful day he was given a job penciling a four part, 32 page Moon Knight story. However, before it could be completed, Stephen was given the job of penciling the regular Moon Knight series. Soon after his artwork debuted in issue #55, Stephen enjoyed a tremendous fan reaction. He was then sought out and recruited by X-Force creator Rob Liefeld to take over the art chores on Prophet.

Starting with the notorious Prophet 4A, Stephen has never looked back and fully attributes his success to the support given him by his significant others. Special thanks to his mother, sister, Kathy, Jim, Vincent, Logan, Gary Miron, Nelson Dancy, Ray Poulionis, Ross Mendes, Brian Hotton, Dale Keown, Rob Liefeld, Larry Marder, Todd McFarlane, Sarra Mossof, Karl Bollers, Terry Kavanagh and of course Whitey… thanks for cashing your checks on a Friday.

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