Are you Canadian?
I'm Canadian, yeah.

Well, you better watch how you talk about my country, pal
That's Canada, too. They're a capitalist nation, too.

Do you surf?
Do I surf?

No! We do have our surfers. Oh absolutely. There are guys in the studio that can surf, you know, but being Canadian, I can skate.

You can play some ice hockey, maybe. Is there anything you're dying to draw?
What aren't I dying to draw? There are so many things you grow up with that you can't wait to get your interpretation on them. Just getting a hold of household names and saying "Yeah, I drew them." Take a shot at the Punisher, take a shot at Wolverine, take a shot at Cable, take a shot at Galactus (one of my favorite villains). Take a shot as Asguard, you know, continuity. I grew up with Thor, loved Thor, loved the way it was written. It was such a part of Marvel, but it was sort of like this separate world. And the Walter Simonson Thors… awesome.

You sign your name S. Platt. Has anyone ever accidentally called you Splatt?
I get Splatt all the time. Splatt has been something that I have been hopelessly trying to evade since I was four. I've been called Splatt for over two decades now. This is something that I have come to accept. I will never be able to get rid of that name, and now that's the name I'm called in the press.

So, you don't mind it all that much, Splatt?
No, I've come to accept it. It's almost like an ugly name you've come to embrace. You can't get rid of it, you just can't, no matter what you try to do. I could sign it Platt, but I think Splatt is almost symptomatic of what happens to my work in a way.

Yeah, yeah. I think that works really well with your style.
It was sort of an idiosyncratic thing when you call yourself Splatt and at the same time you sort of have a practical kind of pragmatic element there that kind of worked too, because the work was, in certain parts of the story, quite violent or just messy. So Splatt kind of works.

Liefeld Badrock pencils & Platt Prophet pencils/inks
Liefeld Badrock pencils & Platt Prophet pencils/inks

Are you doing anything for Maximum Press?
I'd love to. It's a great imprint. And it's only going to get bigger and stronger. Maybe I'll do something and you won't even know it's me. Maybe I won't sign it Steven Platt, maybe I'll sign it something else. We'll have to say who's this new guy. It could be a great cloak.

What's upcoming from you? Anything big? Special? Unusual? Different?
We have the trading cards coming up. We have Prophet coming out which is well under way. That issue is in the can, which I'm sure everyone will be glad to hear. I don't want to give away too much.

I've heard something about a possible Prophet movie.
Oh yeah. It's more than possible.

Do you, as the artist, as the guy who draws Prophet, have somebody specific that you'd love to see play the part?
You picture someone with the physicality of Dolph Lundgren, someone of that size, girth, and magnitude. You picture someone like Schwarzenegger. I can see Arnold playing Prophet and doing it quite well, and I can see Mel Gibson playing Prophet and doing it quite well, and they're going to be two different Prophets. But that comes down to Rob's decision as the producer of the movie. We're all totally excited. But this movie's going ahead. I mean this movie's moved forward.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

What was it like?
What was it like? It depends on the girl. It wasn't better than my current girlfriend.

Safe answer. Many fans don't really know a lot about you, so what is something that you want people out there to know about you? It can be anything like you're really into Velveeta cheese, or you like to wear flowers in your hair, anything like that.
I couldn't have done anything, I couldn't have gotten where I am without my friends and family. I have a tremendous mother, tremendous sister, great girlfriends, girlfriend…

I'll be sure to keep girlfriends plural.
No, I mean just tremendous support from friends and family. You do it by yourself, but you don't. I just owe a lot to those people, more than they'll ever know. I don't eat cheese. I don't eat cheese, there you go. I'm British, I'm English, and I grew up in Canada. I'm trying to come up with something really profound and kind of different, make people say "Oh, he's really unique." Nothing comes to mind right now.

Well, that's perfect.

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